Michelle Phillips, known to many as just Mitch, is the one behind all of this!

A Minnesota native, she displays an unique and hard to forget personal style. It starts with a dramatic pixie cut followed by bold glasses, animal print of some form,sequins on any given day and usually mismatched earrings.

An artist at hand and an interior designer with her other company Modern Living Environments, her home reveals an eclectic style of 80’s art deco, abstract art, Hollywood regency and french chairs upholstered in leather and faux fur. Roaming the floors and living amongst the decor are her four dogs.

Although looks can be extreme, she’s a avid nature lover, loves a rainy day, will go camping in the forest, has gone dog sledding and has slept in an ice hotel (ok that’s pretty extreme too!)

A true free spirit she has been known to eat cereal for dinner or whip up a batch of cookie dough for a snack. Coffee courses thru her veins in place of the far-too-pedestrian blood, as she lives on lattes…though champagne and a fabulous vino are never too far behind.

Her view on fashion takes a different road mixing vintage and modern with a twist. She appreciates all era’s and styles and has worn vintage for years. Her collection is a unique mix of glam to bohemian including coats, furs, dresses, pants, shoes, and accessories. She thinks everyone should have a little GLAM in their life!

Photography by Zachary Radel